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YoUUth SOALS 4 Racial Justice

The Spiritual Organizer/Activist Leadership Seminar for Unitarian Universalist Youth

What do our Unitarian Universalist values and principles look like in practice? How can we build inclusive, just, and equitable communities within and beyond our congregations? What do we do when our congregation’s work for social justice feels disconnected from the larger life of the church? How can Unitarian Universalists effectively and accountably work in partnership beyond congregational walls with one another and with the larger movement for justice? These are just some of the questions we’ll be addressing in MUUSJA’s new program: YoUUth SOALS 4 Racial Justice: The Spiritual Organizer/Activist Leadership Seminar on Racial Justice.

Program Overview:

YoUUth SOALS 4 Racial Justice is an innovative program designed to engage Unitarian Universalist high schoolers in faith-based activism, congregational organizing, and grassroots power-building in the service of racial justice work. Meeting once a month between November and April, youth will dig deeply into the ways our faith calls us to work for racial justice and develop the skills to do this work effectively and accountably.

Themes of the curriculum will include topics such as:

  • UU theology of racial justice
  • UU history of racial justice work
  • racial self-identity
  • understanding of intersectional identities
  • racial justice-making in the congregational context
  • intercultural competency skills
  • institutional racism in power structures and systems
  • faithful followership and allyship
  • anti-oppression/anti-racism work

 Each of the six sessions will feature:

  • A panel of local activists and organizers (both Unitarian Universalists and others) with expertise on the day’s themes
  • Reflection on a case study, either contemporary or historical, of Unitarian Universalists working for justice in their congregations and local communities and lessons to be learned from their successes and failures
  • Small-group discussion time and relationship-building with youth from other congregations
  • Opening and closing worship

As a part of their ongoing learning and skill-building, participants will be encouraged to develop relationships with groups already doing racial justice work within their congregations, finding opportunities to participate in leading projects, actions, and other activities. All participants will also potentially have a role in developing and leading a program (yet to be determined) for a full-day Social Justice Summit, co-hosted by MUUSJA and the UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee), which is taking place here in the Twin Cities on the weekend of May 20th!

This program is open to high school youth in 9th-12th grade from any Minnesota Unitarian Universalist congregation. We encourage regular and in-person attendance when possible, but we are excited about extending the reach and impact of this program to youth who are beyond the metro area via video conferencing technology. 

Program Dates:

All sessions will take place at one of the metro area UU congregations, on a rotating basis. All sessions will take place on Saturday afternoons from 1:00-4:00 pm. The currently scheduled session dates are:
  • November 12 
  • December 10 
  • January 21 
  • February 18*
  • March 18 
  • April 22

 *This session will be integrated into the programming of this year’s Twin Cities Youth Con. Schedule TBA.

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