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8 Things You Fund When You Donate to MUUSJA

November 16, 2016 11:01 AM | Anonymous


As you know, tomorrow is Give to the Max Day!  In this critical moment, as Unitarian Universalists nurture our resiliency and deepen our courage and prepare ourselves to show up more boldly and bravely for justice than we ever have before, MUUSJA needs your dollars to help us live into our mission of equipping Minnesota UUs to unleash courageous leadership and collective power to build a just and loving world

What will your contribution make possible?  Here are just a smattering of the things you’re funding when you become a sustaining donor or make a one-time contribution to MUUSJA:

  • UU Solidarity with Standing Rock: MUUSJA has made it possible for more than 30 people—including 17 clergy—from around the country to be present as spiritual reinforcements and physical presences with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.  We are planning more trips in the coming months, and are in close contact with the UU Fellowship & Church of Bismarck/Mandan, Standing on the Side of Love, the UU College of Social Justice, and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee about how to maintain a continual UU presence at Standing Rock over the coming months, and how to channel resources and support to those on the ground.
  • Being the UU voice in bold interfaith organizing: As an anchor member of MARCH (Multifaith Anti-Racism, Change, & Healing), MUUSJA works closely with faith leaders of many traditions to deepen our interfaith relationships and mobilize a strong, progressive voice for justice and equity in Minnesota, including a Rapid Response network that regularly turns out people of faith for public witness and direct action.  This year, MUUSJA is one of the key planners and facilitators of the pilot launch of Sacred Solidarity Congregations program, a cohort of 12 predominantly white Twin Cities congregations that are journeying together to build skills and strategies for becoming deeply committed partners in the struggle for racial justice.
  • Ongoing solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives. Whether it be amplifying the calls to action from our partners at Black Lives Matter - Minneapolis and other groups, turning out UUs for public witness and direct action, lending our infrastructure and institutional support to Black-led organizing, or collaborating with interfaith partners to educate and mobilize white communities in solidarity (see this summer’s “Discomfort & Disruption” panel series in the wake of Philander Castile’s murder), MUUSJA is committed to deepening and sustaining our commitment to racial justice in Minnesota and beyond. 
  • Mentoring the next generation of UU justice leaders. Did you know MUUSJA has had four paid youth interns, three ministerial interns, and two communications interns over the past two years?  These gifted people bring capacity to our organization while simultaneously growing their leadership skills and deepening their faith.  They will carry the formation they experience at MUUSJA with them into lifelong service to Unitarian Universalism and our world. 
  • In-person relationship building for Minnesota UUs: We are planning several cluster gatherings for congregations in greater Minnesota, as well as a Statewide Social Justice Summit (in partnership with the UU Service Committee) for 2017.  This is in addition to our annual celebration and fundraiser, and several one-time workshops, forums, and events that allow Minnesota UUs to connect across congregational boundaries!
  • Spiritual sustenance for justice leaders: We know that our leaders need deep relationships and spiritual support to continue faithful organizing for justice within and beyond their congregations.  Through our online Covenant Groups, monthly Convening Calls, and individual and congregational consultation with MUUSJA staff, we offer consistent spiritual care and deepening to those who lead our congregations into greater solidarity and action with movements for justice. 
  • Investing in the spiritual-political development of UU youth.  MUUSJA’s groundbreaking YoUUth SOALS program is now in its third year, and it is bringing UU high school students from a range of congregations together to prepare them to be life long Unitarian Universalist activists and organizers for justice.  YoUth SOALS offers two paid internships to high school youth, and plays a key role in creating the annual Twin Cities Youth Con.
  • Agile and effective Rapid Response.  We never know when the next call for support, witness, or action will come.  Because of your generosity, though, MUUSJA is able to leverage our wide reach and our relationships with UUs to quickly respond to calls for mobilization and solidarity.  We don’t know when the Fourth Precinct occupation or Ferguson response or Standing Rock all-call will come, or what it will look like… but your donation lets us know that we will be able to throw down accountably and effectively whenever that call comes.  

Friends, we need YOUR help to make sure we can do these things—and so many more—this year. You can set up your recurring donation or your your one time contribution through our Give to the Max page (although please consider helping us cover the exorbitant 6.9% service fee they charge us!), or by going through our own website.  And, of course, you can always send us a check c/o MUUSJA, 900 Mt. Curve Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403!  We have a $2000 match from an anonymous donor, and everything you give through G2tMD or our website will count toward that total. 

We are grateful for your spirits, your solidarity, and your support.

In Faith and Solidarity, 

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