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Give To The Max Day 2016 ~ The faces of UU Justice

November 17, 2016 3:53 PM | Anonymous
The Faces of UU Justice

MUUSJA friends ~

MUUSJA is making a difference.  Minnesotan Unitarian Universalists are doing powerful work for justice within and beyond congregational walls.  This September, we presented the 2016 Justice Awards at State of the UUnion -- our annual celebration and fundraiser.  Through this ritual of honoring, we recognized several amazing individuals and groups who are on the frontlines, living out our UU values throughout Minnesota. 

Your donation to MUUSJA helps us support justice warriors like these, and bring Minnesota UUs together to learn from each other and to build deep networks of shared solidarity and learning. 

Lay Leader
Sandy MacLaughlin and Sandy Ramage

Discerning a basic human need, Sandy and Sandy opened a mini free store program aiding over 5,000 students in Rochester which largely serves immigrants and refugees. Their service enhances the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by providing daily living essentials, such as toiletries, cleaning products and paper goods. Both Sandy's enlisted their churches, businesses, and community service groups to donate goods and to raise funds. For the students who are often subjected to anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric, love is the biggest gift this store brings to its shoppers.


Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Our society's origin stories glorify European and European-American conquests, while explicitly or implicitly justifying the murder of Native peoples, devaluing their lives an cultures. The Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Fellowship seeks to challenge those stories and to tell the truth about the discrimination in our past and in the present day. They have raised awareness through disseminating the "Doctrine of Discovery" audio programs for radio and CD, touring Native American storytellers, and furnishing books to libraries, schools, and churches on the "Traveling Truth Telling Tour". They also launched the "Goodbye Columbus" campaign to rename Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day in Minnesota, meeting with state legislators, working with racial justice organizations, and drafting a resolution that has been passed in several Minnesotan counties.

Youth Group
Tower Club

The Tower Club youth at Unity Church-Unitarian in St. Paul have connected racial justice to their Beloved Conversations where 35 to 40 youth regularly attend; journeyed on a pilgrimage to Selma; participated extensively, consistently, and fearlessly in the 4th Precinct Occupation in Minneapolis; served as interns with MUUSJA’s YoUUth SOALS program; and given prophetic voice and leadership to racial justice at Youth Cons. MUUSJA does not only look to these young people as leaders of the future but to the leaders they are today.

MUUSJA wholeheartedly congratulates these Justice Award winners and esteems all they have done to better society.  We hope their work inspires you to give and support our common work for justice.

Please note -- the GiveMN website is overloaded with G2tMD traffic, so if you're experiencing problems there, we are happy receive your donation through our website. And it will count towards our G2tMD total :)

Please consider covering GiveMN's 6.9% fees. Otherwise, you can always donate here on our website, or send us a check, c/o MUUSJA, 900 Mt. Curve Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

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